Deluxe 10k Shine Lip Gloss, Pink Pact


Meet Pink Pact, a bright shade of 10K Shine Lip Gloss yet. Packing max sparkle power in its lightweight formula, it delivers mega shine, cushion and flavor with every swipe of its custom-sized applicator.

Like all Petite ‘n Pretty makeup safe for kids, Pink Pact is dermatologist-approved and pediatrician-approved.

Product Dimensions: 3.3"H x 0.52" diameter

Cloud Mine™ Signature Flavor 
Tastes like cotton candy with blueberries, plums and strawberry jam. Pretty sweet, yeah!

Clear Oils &  Waxes Blend
How 10K Shine gets its crystal-clear color and diamond-cut clarity.

Multifaceted Pearls
All that shine’s gotta come from somewhere — why not light-reflecting pearls?