Sleeveless Romper - Colette Floral

Babies and spring flowers have a lot in common: they’re beautiful and delicate at the same time, while representing the cheerfulness of a new season. Our Colette Floral motif offers a glimpse into a spring ephemeral meadow. Soft, solid coral-colored flowers with understated green and blue stems perfectly encapsulate your child’s optimistic outlook.
  • Cut loosely like a bubble, this sweet romper's straps have a touch of elastic that cinches gentle ruffles along the neckline.
  • Even better, it opens wide enough to slide up and around even the chubbiest baby. Absolutely precious!
  • 3 decorative buttons adorn the front.
  • Snaps along the inseam for diaper changes. For dressing and undressing, the top stretches open plenty wide enough.
Handcrafted in Peru.
Forever Soft Pima Cotton.