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Bunnies By The Bay's focus is on creating delightfully endearing gifts for wee ones embarking on their first year of life. With engaging art and playful wit, Bunnies By The Bay offers detailed designs and lush materials in timeless products that promise parents and grandparents a cherished heirloom in the years to come.
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Ocho the Octopus - Lily Pad
Sold Out
Little Skipit 12” Pup - Lily Pad
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Best Friend Skipit Puppy Buddy Blanket - Lily Pad
Blossom Bunny Buddy Blanket - Lily Pad
Friendly Chime Gray Bunny - Lily Pad
Friendly Chime Blue Puppy - Lily Pad
Skipit Bunny Knotty Friend - Lily Pad
Blossom Bunny Knotty Friend - Lily Pad
Nibble Nibble Board Book - Lily Pad
Bloom Bunny Knotty Friend - Lily Pad
Avery the Aviator Braves the Arctic StoryBook - Lily Pad