Children's Gifts

We are here to wrap up the perfect gift, whether it's for a special occasion or for a special someone "just because" We always offer free gift wrapping.  Let us help you choose from our carefully curated selection of gifts 

A few of our favorite things: Mermaid Tails from Hampton Mermaid Company, Scented Pillows & Totes from I'Scream, and Yummy Gummy Scented Pouches & Backpacks from American Jewel.  Need some sparkle: don't forget the Unicorn Snot Body Gel & Unicorn Snot Lip Gloss!

We also have a wide range of jewelry from sparkly mermaid jewelry from Sea Girl Gems, to locally crafted boho chic bracelets and necklaces from Southern Sequins.  We also carry colorful tassel necklaces from Henny & Coco, and vibrant bracelets from Heart Me Jewelry. Our Mommy & Me collections include freshwater pearl jewelry from Sea Lustre Jewelry as well as 14k gold filled jewelry by E Newton.  

Please call us, send us a DM or email if you don't see what you like online.  We are always happy to further assist you with your purchase.  Personal Shopping services available.

Children's Gifts
515 results
TELETIES Oyster Factory - Lily Pad
TELETIES Alljoy Landing - Lily Pad
TELETIES Pepper Hall - Lily Pad
TELETIES Party On - Lily Pad
TELETIES Oopsy Daisy - Lily Pad
TELETIES Sherbert - Lily Pad
TELETIES Let it Ripple - Lily Pad
TELETIES Tiny, Spring Fever - Lily Pad
TELETIES Blue-tiful - Lily Pad
TELETIES Eat Glitter For Breakfast - Lily Pad
Tiger Stripe Heart Earrings - Lily Pad
Tiger Earrings - Lily Pad
Strawberry Earrings - Lily Pad
Snoball Earrings, Rainbow - Lily Pad
Smiley Sun Earrings - Lily Pad
Sloth Earrings - Lily Pad
Unicorn Earrings - Lily Pad
Rainbow Earrings - Lily Pad
Monstera Leaf Earrings - Lily Pad
Ladybug Earrings - Lily Pad
French Bulldog Earrings - Lily Pad
Cute Owl Earrings - Lily Pad
Cute Kitty Cat Earrings - Lily Pad
Birthday Cupcake Earrings - Lily Pad
Anchor Heart Earrings - Lily Pad
Dinosaur Valentine Cards - Lily Pad
TELETIES Spring Swirl - Lily Pad
Sweet Orange & Sunflower Shower Steamers - Lily Pad
Water Lily & Linen Shower Steamers - Lily Pad
Sea Salt & Grapefruit Shower Steamers - Lily Pad
Bath Soak, Beautiful Day - Lily Pad
Bath Soak, Just Breathe - Lily Pad
Bubbly Bath Soak, Lucy in the Sky - Lily Pad
Bubbly Bath Soak, Happy Birthday - Lily Pad
Beyond the Sea Boxed Surprise Bath Balm - Lily Pad
Do You Believe in Magic Boxed Surprise Bath Balm - Lily Pad
Baby Shark Boxed Surprise Bath Balm - Lily Pad
Pirate Boxed Surprise Bath Balm - Lily Pad
Sand Claw Scoops - Lily Pad
WhimsiCali Eye & Cheek Palette - Lily Pad
So Much Yum! Makeup Set - Lily Pad
Oh, So Sweet Eye & Cheek Palette - Lily Pad
515 results