Undercover Art Hidden Pattern Coloring Activity Art Cards - Unicorn Friends


Coloring sheets with a touch of magic
Some might say these are magic coloring sheets; others might call it a mystery. We call it a super fun coloring activity set with a secret! Perfect for kids who love art, this cute unicorn set might seem like it’s filled with ordinary coloring cards, but actually, with every stroke of your child’s marker, hidden patterns will be revealed! So as your little one brings the picture to life, they will reveal patterns within the sheet. This is a fun gift for any kid, as well as a great travel activity while you’re on the go!
Coloring activity set includes 12 different illustrations
Each illustration features a unicorn theme
To reveal the hidden patterns, color in the illustration with marker
Consider using OOLY markers like Big Bright Brush or Color Together
Suitable for ages 6 and up