Easter Baskets


Bag Features:

  • The sweetest Easter baskets that can carry eggs as easily as it can carry sweet treats! Functional design makes it a usable bag/ purse/ storage/ decor

  • Hand embroidered designs, each taking 6+ hours to complete.

  • Features interior drawstring liner to keep contents secure.

  • Exact shape, size and placement of designs will vary slightly on each bag, as they are hand woven.

  • Due to the nature of these bags being handwoven, variations in the size and stucure are common. It is not abnormal for the back of the bag to have a slight slope where the end of the bag meets the handles. We always check each bag before it leaves the warehouse and will pull any bags that do not meet our standards if there is something physically wrong with the bag.

  • Aprox 8 inches tall, 12 inches wide and 6 inches deep but can expand to adjust

  • Empowering women by paying fair and generous wages to the multiple women that we employ full time in Morroco that make our bags by hand. In turn they are able to help provide for their families, something that is not common place in that part of the world.

  • Made from sustainable, eco- friendly and all natural materials.