Dresses - Tween

Dresses for Tweens from Kate Mack, Biscotti, Splendid, Ella Moss, Truly Me, Hannah Banana, Vintage Havana and more.  Sizes 7-16
70 results
Hi-Lo SS Dress, Chandelier Hearts - Lily Pad
Elsie Dress, Seafoam Goa Floral - Lily Pad
Elsie Dress, Rose Goa Floral - Lily Pad
Smocked Romper, Leopard (Tween) - Lily Pad
Chiffon Romper, Black - Lily Pad
Classic Twirl Dress, Open Heart PRESALE - Lily Pad
Sophie girl's tassel dress blue pink floral - Lily Pad
Elsie Dress, Gardenia Seagulls - Lily Pad
Pink Dress with Tassels - Lily Pad
Coastline Dress, Barbados Blossom - Lily Pad
Coastline Dress, Paradise Island - Lily Pad
Organic Steph Dress, Holiday Dogs - Lily Pad
Organic Steph Dress, All the Santas - Lily Pad
Esme Hi-Lo Long Sleeve Dress, Santa Truck - Lily Pad
Cecelia Dress, Strawberry Cream Ornaments - Lily Pad
Short Indira Dress, Blue Glow Trees - Lily Pad
Miranda Dress, Blue Glow Trees - Lily Pad
Pearl Dress, Red Velour - Lily Pad
Margaret Dress, Holiday Townhouses - Lily Pad
Bea Dress, Blue Check with Santa Embroidery - Lily Pad
Nicky Dress, Strawberry Cream with Candy Cane Embroidery - Lily Pad
Esme Hi-Lo SS Dress, Metallic Leopard Stars - Lily Pad
Esme Hi-Lo SS Dress, Metallic Cheetah - Lily Pad
Leopard Print Jersey Knit Dress - Lily Pad
Songbird Dress, Evergreen Peacocks - Lily Pad
Lily Dress Nutcracker - Lily Pad
Lily Dress Kensington Plaid - Lily Pad
Flowers Printed French Terry Hooded Dress - Lily Pad
Long Sleeve Printed Dinosaur Tee - Lily Pad
Organic Steph Dress, Ribbon Red Dandelion - Lily Pad
Scarlett Dress Chicken Print - Lily Pad
Kendal Dress Peach Buffalo Plaid - Lily Pad
Scarlett Dress Pinstripe Block Print - Lily Pad
Madeline Dress, Antler Bows PRESALE - Lily Pad
Lillian Dress, Tiny Trees - Lily Pad
Esme Hi-Lo SS Dress, Marble - Lily Pad
Esme Hi-Lo SS Dress, Shimmer Popsicles - Lily Pad
Carlin Dress, Angels PRESALE - Lily Pad
Autumn Dress, Antique White Multi Shoes - Lily Pad
Olive Dress, Antique White Multi Dachshunds - Lily Pad
Kit Dress, Mixed Franken Florals - Lily Pad
Gigi Gold Dress PRESALE - Lily Pad
Janey Legging Set, Christmas Tree PRESALE - Lily Pad
Isla Ice Skate Legging Set PRESALE - Lily Pad
70 results