Dresses - Tween

Dresses for Tweens from Kate Mack, Biscotti, Splendid, Ella Moss, Truly Me, Hannah Banana, Vintage Havana and more.  Sizes 7-16
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Lila + Hayes Maris Dress, Daisies PRESALE - Lily Pad
Lila + Hayes Maris Dress, Pink Petals PRESALE - Lily Pad
Vintage Floral Lounge Dress PRESALE - Lily Pad
Fray Ruffle Dress - Lily Pad
Bella Girls Shoulder Tie Sundress, Navy Swiss Dot - Lily Pad
Serena Girls Tassel Dress, White with Navy Block Embroidery - Lily Pad
Sophie Girls Tassel Dress, Pink Swiss Dot Cotton - Lily Pad
Sophie Girls Tassel Dress, Periwinkle Swiss Dot Cotton - Lily Pad
Sunset Vibes Dress, Sugar Coral Stripe - Lily Pad
Sunset Vibes Dress, Prism Pink - Lily Pad
Sunset Vibes Dress, Coral Crush - Lily Pad
Madison Mermaid Dress - Lily Pad
Esme Hi-Lo SS Dress, Blue Marble - Lily Pad
Metallic Plaid Chelsea Dress - Lily Pad
Sold Out
Girls Isla Pami Dress - Lily Pad
Girls Lanni Oceana Dress - Lily Pad
Lilian Dress, Metallic Tulle, Plum - Lily Pad
Nylah Dress, Sequin Leopard - Lily Pad
Metallic Leopard London Dress, Lilac - Lily Pad
Leopard London Dress, Pink - Lily Pad
Sheila Dress, Tango Red Sheep - Lily Pad
Knitted Sweater Dress with Leopard Print - Lily Pad
Knitted Sweater Dress with Doe & Pompoms - Lily Pad
Pink Chicken Organic Legging, Dress Blues Zebra - Lily Pad
Pink Chicken Organic Legging, Mellow rose - Lily Pad
Pink Chicken Organic Steph Dress, Mellow Rose Oversize Dot - Lily Pad
Peggy Dress, Lynx - Lily Pad
Kit Dress, Multi Stripe - Lily Pad
Peachy Dress, Floral - Lily Pad
Leena Dress, Embroidered Chambray - Lily Pad
Liza Lame Dress, Leopard Metallic - Lily Pad
Nev & Lizzie Leopard Cap Sleeve Dress - Lily Pad
Lame Leggings, Leopard Metallic - Lily Pad
Lame Leggings, Gold Metallic - Lily Pad
Olive Dress, Multi Watercolor Dogs - Lily Pad
Splendid Jersey Dress, Navy - Lily Pad
Mimi & Maggie Flower Trails Dress, Fucshia - Lily Pad
Mimi & Maggie Sandflowers Midi Dress, Grey - Lily Pad
Mimi & Maggie Aborigine Circles Tie-Dye Knit Dress, Pink - Lily Pad
Mimi & Maggie Rainbow Stripe Hand Dyed Knit Dress, Multi - Lily Pad
EGG New York Embroidered Havana Dress, White - Lily Pad
EGG New York Tassel Cordelia Dress, Teal - Lily Pad
Cotton Kids Cherry Shift Dress - Lily Pad
Maggie Breen Blue/Green Floral Dress - Lily Pad
Mia New York Zebra Dress - Lily Pad
SnapperRock Cheetah Spot Swim Dress - Lily Pad
Imoga Marta Dress, Navy - Lily Pad
Deux Par Deux Pink Sleeveless Tunic with Chilly Cat Print - Lily Pad
52 results