Hannah Banana

Girls will love the trendy styling Hannah Banana brings and the fun they will have wearing these incredible designs.  About Hannah Banana/Sara Sara: At Sara Sara, our concept is to create unique special occasion dresses and sportswear for girls with careful attention to details. These collections feature sportswear ensembles and dresses that play off the funky attitude and style in keeping with our image: Fashion-forward yet sensible and most of all, UNIQUE!

The line is based on high quality materials with an emphasis on special treatment and novelty trims that are not easily found elsewhere. Many of the embroidery, applique and trim designs are our own or created exclusively for Sara Sara. Our designers often incorporate very sophisticated materials into fresh, youthful, unique looks of the latest fashion.
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Basic Long Sleeve Top, Black - Lily Pad
Basic Long Sleeve Top, Ivory - Lily Pad